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DenCom is an innovative real estate marketing agency focused on one thing - client relationships. DenCom was formed because our clients realized there was a huge gap in communication. Keeping in touch with current and past clients can prove to be difficult and extremely time-consuming. With the growing number of real estate agents in the market keeping your clients close has never been more important. Since we were founded we have evolved into a full digital marketing agency that works exclusively with Realtors. We can take your business to the next level and we can't wait to bring you there!

Targeted Communication
One of the biggest mistakes real estate agents make is thinking that a generic newsletter or direct mail campaign will keep their customers engaged with them. We live in a world where communication has to be tailored to the individual otherwise it’s just a waste of time and money.
Increase Revenue
Did you know that 88% of clients say they would re-use their real estate agent again, but only 11% actually do? The number one cause of client risk in the real estate market is that agents simply do not stay in touch. Let us help you become part of the 11% and put more money back into your pocket.
Expert Team
Our team is highly skilled in getting the best results for our clients. Using our innovative technology coupled with proven communication tactics we guarantee that the engagement rate with your clients will skyrocket. You’ll meet with an account manager monthly to ensure you’re successful.
Insights and Analytics
With our innovative platform, you will get up to date reports and real-time analytics letting you know who you should be contacting and when. We also know that as an agent you are always on the go – which is why we have a mobile app for you to stay engaged all along the way.

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DenCom is an agency full of people who care about your personal relationships. We know how important your clients are, and by working with us we make sure that your clients STAY your clients and don't wander to the agent down the street. Not only do we help you keep your current clients, but we also want to make sure that we are generating new ones for you too!


Our service listing is small, but the impact is powerful. We focus on the most important part of Real Estate – staying connected. Utilizing some of the best software available in the industry we make sure you are staying on top of all your clients. We also ensure that by using us you see a real ROI attached to our work. We can’t wait to show you the power of what Dencom truly offers.
Increased Agent Revenue
Utilizing DenCom’s proven techniques we can generate a number of new referrals, but also keep your past clients coming back for me. On average, DenCom saves agents about 2 sales per year and generates at least 2-5 additional ones. We will let you do the math and see how much revenue you are missing out on.
Referral Generation
Every agent knows referrals are the fuel for your business. There are ways to get new clients, but referrals are always the most powerful. If you aren’t getting a referral from your clients, that means someone else is. Let us help make sure all of your client referrals are staying where they should be, in your pocket.
Social Media Explosion
DenCom is your one-stop shop for social media. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out and need to start from scratch or you have a loyal following. We can help you create something new or simply help expand your current online presence. Let us take social media off your hands so you can focus on what really matters – your clients.
Brand Creation & Management
Creating a brand online today isn’t an easy task. Where to start? Where to focus? There are so many sites and so many options it’s hard to keep track. Since DenCom only focuses on real estate we know exactly where to put all the effort. Let us help you create a brand that is second to none!
Managed Email Communication
Agents often underestimate the power of email. Frequently, they think sending a newsletter once a month to their mailing list is enough to keep someone coming back. Reality check: that’s not the case. People want to feel you are personally reaching out, which is exactly what our service allows us to do on your behalf.
Search Engine Optimization
Even after you have created a great brand or online presence the next step is to make sure that people can find you! Search Engines can be tricky and there are a lot of different pieces to the puzzle that goes into determining where you rank. Let us help you show up on the first page!

“I have been working with Dencom Agency for about 6 months and I have already generated over 5 new referrals, re-connected with countless old leads, and I am currently on track to having my biggest selling year yet! I don’t know what I would do without Dencom!”

Nikki Owen

Denver Residential Realtor

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